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Invest in a successful bitcoin mining operation with your followers


MiningStore operates multiple sustainably-powered bitcoin mining farms around the US and has been optimizing its mining strategy since launching in 2017. We have a proven business model and the experienced team to execute it reliably.

The Bitvault Solution


BitVault is here to provide streamlined services and access to the individual or entity who wants to invest in the mining industry.


BitVault enables investors to pool their resources to purchase a large number of miners which are run under the best conditions and management, enabling:


Our investors increase their chances of profits by simply investing their money into a proven operation. By reducing the barrier to entry, BitVault gives the retail investor a chance at capitalizing on  returns.

We’re looking to partner with crypto-savvy influencers like you to help bring bitcoin mining to the masses.

We build and run the mining operation, providing white-glove service and ensuring a hassle-free experience for our partners. You share the opportunity with your followers and help us finance the mining machines. In the end, you keep X% of the profits.

Why We Created BitVault

With bitcoin mining, the old adage holds true: go big or go home. Economies of scale for miners result in cheaper power, better hardware, and more efficient infrastructure—all of which adds up to more profit.


of total power capacity and counting


Bitcion Mining Sites

Bitvault is a simple idea to create a win-win-win for us, you, and your followers. All of the funds raised through WeFunder are invested into a bitcoin mining company which we will run for 5 years, producing discounted BTC for the duration and then paying it to all the equity holders.

How Much Can You Earn?

You earn X%
MiningStore earns Y%
Your followers split the remaining Z% proportionally.

Let’s go through a couple hypothetical scenarios so you can get an idea of what our joint Bitvault mining operation might look like.Here’s a 5-year business case projection where the initial investment of $5MM is used to purchase 500 new-generation Antminer S19 Pro mining rigs run at an electricity price of 5 ¢/kWh.

These projections are with modest 50% annual BTC price appreciation while network difficulty increases 70% each year, a conservative scenario that still produces $38MM in profit from the $5MM initial investment. 

But keep in mind that the profitability ultimately depends on BTC price performance long-term. Since we’re holding all the bitcoin mined for the full 5 years, it takes emotions out of the equation and gives everybody exposure to the long-term upside. 

If BTC continues its current pace of 95% annual growth, well…

You earn $X
MiningStore earns $Y
Your followers split the remaining $Z proportionally

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the option to redeem shares semi-annually after the first year; if the investor does not redeem till year 5, there are no redemption fees

You will be purchasing 30% into Bitcoin as a hedge, 60% into miners which equates to hashrate and an additional 10% for legal accounting, and back office.

This product is built to payout all shareholders by year 5, however, individual investors can purchase shares until the cap of $5 million is hit.

The mining portion of the offering is run by technicians and operators who are currently running thousands of machines in Iowa so they have the experience and are best equipped for optimum hashing.

Current miners cost in excess of $10k and in some cases more than $15k, on top of this you will have the mining operation fully managed at the lowest power rates available.


  • No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed and only through an intermediary’s platform.

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