The only thing better than buying bitcoin is mining Bitcoin

MiningStore is one of the largest-scale Bitcoin Miners.

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Our passion for Mining is the secret to your success.

“Our mission is to democratize access to Bitcoin mining. By continually deploying world-class facilities, and providing accessible white-glove mining services, we’ll do our part to secure the Bitcoin network.”

JP Baric

CEO, MiningStore

Sacramento Kings partner with MiningStore

Meet The 26-year-old Bitcoin Mining CEO

Making Crypto Mining Accessible

MiningStore Gearing Up For More Growth

Our Seven Facilities lead the industry in profitability, No matter if it's a bull or bear.

What does Dr. Phil, Iowa, and Bitcoin Miners all have in common?

It All Began in Iowa.

After two years of mining in North Carolina , JP decided to risk it all. He emptied his bank account and raised $200K to build this site in Iowa. JP managed his own miners, and began managing miners for his first 50 clients. JP's greatest dream started coming true... a life centered around Bitcoin, and bringing mining to the masses. His clients started getting bigger and bigger, from movie stars to NBA Head Coaches. MiningStore was already growing smoothly, and then...

Then... JP Went On Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil invited JP to teach his audience about Bitcoin. Unfortunately, JP wasn't able to 'orange-pill' Dr. Phil, but thankfully, something even better happened… The moment the episode aired, MiningStore's credibility skyrocketed, and massive opportunities poured in faster than we could ever hope for. But JP's facility was completely full, and it’d take 5 months to build another. JP needed to scale, and he needed to scale fast. Tons of amazing clients were at his fingertips, and he couldn't let them pass.

Our Opportunity Became Clear.

Mining Pods were the obvious solution. Not only are Mining Pods quick to deploy, but due to their compact design, we can deploy facilities where our competitors can't. This allows us to snag the cheapest electricity, and pass it on to you. Two years later, we still deploy this exact strategy. Thanks to our rapid deployment, the moment we identify a new site, we instantly deploy groups of 20 to 30 Pods, about twice the size of our original facility. Ever since Dr. Phil, we've been deploying a new 5MW site every three months. We're scaling rapidly, and we'd love for you to join us.

We provide electricity at cost, so you can reap the full benefits of your miners.

What’s in it for us? We want Bitcoin, just as much as you do.

By offering electricity at cost, a win-win occurs: You‘re able to mine much more Bitcoin at MiningStore compared to anywhere else. And we earn a small slice of that excess profit, in return for managing your miners 24/7, and providing the cheap electricity that allows your profits to soar.

It’s a win-win for the two of us, and it’s a win for the strength of the Bitcoin network. Not only does this allow your profitability to soar, but even more importantly, this gives you confidence in our services. Since our only payment is for the excess Bitcoin we earn for you, you can have great confidence that our technicians are working around the clock, keeping your miners running 24/7.

At MiningStore, we mine the right way… instead of upcharging electricity by 40%, and severely diminishing your profitability, we provide electricity at-cost, so you can reap the full benefits of your Miners. And we have dozens of pods ready to go, so you can start mining, today.

Our secret Is our Rapid deployment... And it's all thanks to Our mining pods.

During the 2021 cycle, we noticed our competitors were building massive, shiny facilities. At first, we wanted to follow suit. But we couldn’t wait 2 years for construction. Out of necessity, we turned to Mining Pods. 

At first, JP was bummed… I mean, who wouldn’t want their own shiny facility? But the moment we deployed our first 40 Mining Pods, it instantly became clear… this is our high-scale opportunity.

Instead of taking 2 years to deploy a new site, it only took 15 days. Instead of drowning ourselves in massive infrastructure loans, and passing those costs on to you, our infrastructure costs are multitudes lower.

And most importantly, thanks to our rapid deployment, we’re able to swoop in and win the cheapest electrical deals, before our competitors do.

This is the perfect alignment of variables. This is how you mine Bitcoin, the right way.

What does this mean for you?

We don’t need to upcharge our electrical by 40%, because we don’t have a massive infrastructure loan to pay off. Thanks to our mining pods, we’re able to keep our expenses low, so we can keep your profits high.

Not only will your profitability be higher than anywhere else, but thanks to us providing electricity at cost, your miners will keep mining strong for potentially 1-3 extra years at MiningStore, compared to other facilities.

This is the exact strategy we’ve been deploying for the past 2 years, and now, it’s available to you.

I guess it all worked out perfectly… our first site (to the right) wasn’t too pretty, but as you’ll see below, our new sites are the epitome of “shiny!”

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We’ve been in your shoes… you believe in Bitcoin, and you want to maximize your stack. But how? Trading is too risky, and HODL’ing is great, but naturally, you want more.

Thankfully, Satoshi made the decision easy… Mining.

Satoshi designed Bitcoin with precision. He realized: in order to keep the Bitcoin network running, he needed to incentivize miners, more than any other party. And thus, the Bitcoin network provides the best incentives for those who acquire their Bitcoin through MiningNot trading. Not HODL’ing. Mining.

When you mine Bitcoin, you aren’t just securing the network, you’re converting your slowly-dying Fiat into Bitcoin, in the most fruitful way.

Thanks to Satoshi’s design, there’s no better way to maximize your Bitcoin stack, than by mining. And there’s no better place to host your miners, than with us.

We've served many incredible clients, Here's one you might recognize...

Did I mention.... Our facilities Utilize renewable energy!

We Have Tons of Sites Ready to Go...
Start mining with us today!

A Green, Sustainable Approach

Our environmentally conscious approach to securing the Bitcoin network utilizes 85% sustainable, renewable energy.

leading the industry in client-profitability for 8+ years.

Already a believer in Bitcoin? Mining is the most fruitful way to acquire your stack of Bitcoin. Call one of our team members today.