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Your industry-leader in turn-key cryptocurrency miners, professional hosting services and provider of the most advanced Bitcoin mining container ever designed. 


Choose your mining hardware

Send us your power requirements and we'll take care of the rest.

Setup and Install

We set up your equipment and provide secure, efficient, and cost-effective space and power

24/7 Monitoring

We continuously power and monitor your equipment so you can maximize your mining efforts at the best possible return.

Why work with us?

A revolutionary way to invest in Bitcoin mining:

  • Earn unprecedented returns by investing in the most advanced, efficiently designed, and highest-capacity Bitcoin mining container ever manufactured, the MiningStore BitCave!

Stress-free and professional miner hosting:

  • Be confident that your machines are being managed with the utmost professionalism and efficiency with MiningStore’s 24/7 monitoring, responsive customer service and 5+ years in operating mining equipment!

Industry-leading power rates:

Low-cost hardware procurement:

  • Save money and get your mining hardware fast with MiningStore’s direct partnerships to the most well-known brands including Bitmain, AvalonMiner, DragonMint, PandaMiner, Innosilicon!

Professional Miner Hosting Services

The best returns require the best operation; never worry that you are missing out because of unnecessary downtime and hard-to-reach customer support.

MiningStore hosting facilities are all held to strict quality standards and principal IT practices to maximize your profits and ensure your equipment is safe and properly maintained.

Our responsive customer support team is at the ready to fix any hardware issues or answer questions you have about your machines!

Most importantly, you can feel certain your machines are in good hands and being managed by experienced mining experts.

ASIC Hosting

Maximize your profits and protect your mining hardware with MiningStore’s professional ASIC hosting services.

  • Rates as low as $55 kW/month
  • No setup fees
  • Extremely responsive customer service
  • Fast deployment
  • 24/7 monitoring and security
  • Remote monitoring software
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GPU Hosting

Ensure maximum uptime for your GPUs with MiningStore’s advanced ticking support system to quickly diagnose and fix any hardware issues.

  • Starting at $85 kW/month
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Remote monitoring software and restarts
  • Consistent cleaning and dust removal
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Competitive Hosting Rates

Stay profitable in any market conditions with our industry-leading hosting rates. 

  • As low as $55 kW/month for ASICs
  • As low as $85 kW/month for GPUs
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Multiple Hosting Locations

MiningStore provides you with an array of hosting locations that are tailored for different power and hardware requirements.  

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Industry-Leading Mining Containers


The BitCave is the most advanced, efficient and highest density mining container on the market. Created with cutting-edge airflow designs, the BitCave can be run in any climate and ensure your machines are in the optimal mining environment. 

  • Holds up to 1600 S9 Bitcoin miners per 40ft container
  • Advanced airflow and intake and exhaust systems
  • Advanced humidity and climate control 
  • Ready for deployment in 8-12 weeks
  • Enables large scale farms to quickly install and deploy up to 2.2MW of mining equipment

BitCave Mini

The BitCave Mini is a 20ft mining container designed to maximize profits because of its unmatched capacity. The BitCave Mini allows you to capitalize on all the perks that mining containers provide while cutting the investment barrier of entry in half. 

  • Holds up to 600 S9 Bitcoin miners per 20ft container
  • Advanced airflow and intake and exhaust systems
  • Advanced humidity and climate control 
  • Ready for deployment in 8-12 weeks
  • Enables large scale farms to quickly install and deploy up to 900 kW of mining equipment

Container Locations

The BitCave can be deployed to a power facility of your choice or at our container hosting facility in Texas for an extremely competitive power rate. The BitCave has been designed with a very simple installation process and allows anyone with access to power to easily deploy a large mining operation. 

The MiningStore BitCave is a highly advanced Bitcoin mining container that can efficiently run up to 1600 S9 Bitcoin miners, more Bitcoin miners than any container previously produced. By drawing power directly from the source, the MiningStore BitCave provides you with unprecedented hosting rates and unparalleled mining returns.



Low-Cost Mining Hardware

All products are covered by an extended warranty, include customer service support, and are shipped quickly and directly from the US.

ASIC Mining Rigs

Have any quantity of ASICs quickly sourced and professionally delivered to the location of your choice at the best prices in the industry.

GPU Mining Rigs

MiningStore offers professional-quality cryptocurrency plug-and-play miners for sale. All of our GPU mining rigs are covered by an extended warranty, include customer service support, and can be hosted and maintained by us to ensure maximum returns for you. 


MiningStore offers professional-quality cryptocurrency mining cases and kits for sale. Our technicians and engineers work with a wide range of manufacturers and distributors to develop and source the highest-quality components available. 

Server Infrastructure

MiningStore understands how to run and maintain servers efficiently. We can source any of the necessary hardware required to keep your units at optimal performance. 

Hardware Procurement

Have any other hardware needs? MiningStore’s network makes it easy for us to get any hardware you could think of. Give us a call and well get to work ASAP. 


  • With MiningStore, we were able to quickly launch a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency mining effort that’s raising funds for local workforce development and training. The most technologically advanced arena in the world needed the most durable and efficient mining machines to make this a success, which is why we turned to MiningStore.

    Ryan Montoya
    CTO of the Sacramento Kings
  • MiningStore handled the migration of my S9’s from a facility in Texas to their’s in New York with the utmost professionalism. Good communications and proactive ideas for optimizing the performance of my ASICS. I could not recommend them more.

    Peter McCormack
    What Bitcoin Did Podcast Host
  • MiningStore has been a pleasure to work with and has helped me enter the mining game with ease! They recommended the best mining investment and took care of all the technical aspects so I could focus on the returns!

    Mark Karam
    CEO Encrypted Apparel