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The only thing better than buying bitcoin is mining it

Bitcoin Mining And Management

MiningStore is one of the longest standing large-scale crypto Miners.

160 MW

2023 Mining Pipeline Capacity


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30 K

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Our passion for Bitcoin Mining is the secret to your success.

Vision of CEO JP Baric

“Our mission is to  build a holistic ecosystem of solutions that provide economic freedom and stability by continuously deploying world-class mining facilities and bringing Bitcoin to the masses.”

JP Baric

CEO, Miningstore

The Purpose-Driven Crypto Mining

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Mining Projects

We’ve launched 10+ Profitable Mining Facilities through volatile market conditions

Grundy County

Rural Electric Cooperative


Stranded Energy

Sacramento Kings

Mining For Good


Tire Waste Into Bitcoin

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Mining Projects

A Green, Sustainable Approach

Our environmentally conscious approach to securing the Bitcoin network utilizes 85% sustainable, renewable energy sources.

A green, sustainable approach

We are committed to securing the Bitcoin network sustainably for years to come, which is why all of our mining operations are 85% renewable energy powered.

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