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Host Your Rig in a state-of-the-art Miningstore Certified Facility MANAGED HOSTING, MAINTAINED BY MINING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS Our service professionals will maintain your machines and prioritize uptime. At MiningStore, we offer premier management services at competitive prices. Our team of experienced technicians offer around-the-clock service, answering any questions and constantly monitoring the activity of your entire hardware portfolio.

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A Plea for Internet Decentralization

Outline Welcome to the web! Tomorrow WLANd: Web 3.0 Ethereum’s vision for the future Conclusion Welcome to the web! In the early days of the internet — from the 1980s through the early 2000s — digital infrastructure was predominantly decentralized by nature. Lack of adoption outside of universities and research facilities assigned the governance process to...

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Lightning & Raiden: How Blockchains will scale to serve millions

Outline Introduction Dissecting Blockchain transactions Payment channels The Lightning network The Raiden network Conclusion Introduction There is one fundamental issue affecting all miners, traders, and end-users of popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. While both communities have their fair share of disagreements, they have been unanimously forced to acknowledge a common limitation shared by...

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Blockchain’s Killer Application?

Outline Introduction Peer-to-peer payments Smart contracts Immutable records Decentralized file storage   Introduction In October of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto issued a challenge to trust-providing organizations with the release of his infamous whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” The notion detailing how currency can be decentralized, summarized by Nakamoto in only eight pages, gave...

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Cryptocurrency Fight Club — Who Will Reign Supreme?

Outline Introduction Durable Consensus Scalability & Transactions Node & Mining Health Transaction Fees Smart Contracts Conclusion Introduction As of writing this post, there are three leading cryptocurrencies which have surpassed a market cap of $100 billion USD. These cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Ripple, and most recognizably Bitcoin. Ethereum and Ripple both exceeded a market cap of...

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Casper the Friendly Consensus Mechanism

TL;DR: Casper is a proposal for slowly consolidating Proof of Stake into Ethereum. Proof of Stake will eventually replace mining (Proof of Work) altogether, but not before working side-by-side with existing systems to ultimately enhance the potential profitability of today’s growing mining community. This post begins by analyzing consensus as a whole but hopes to ultimately...

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What Will 2018 Hold for Rising GPU Prices?

TL;DR: The rise of cryptocurrencies has brought with it a significant demand for bulk graphic processing units (GPUs). Manufacturers of these units, which have proven to be very useful for mining cryptocurrencies, are desperately fighting to keep up with recent demand. The issue has polarized communities and raises questions about whether or not cryptocurrencies will provide...

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Mining Ethereum in 2018

TL;DR: Mining Ethereum over Bitcoin offers a lot of potential for independent miners, and can be accomplished with readily available and multipurpose hardware. This post will dive into all of the necessary steps for getting started with mining Ethereum in 2018.   Outline Introduction What is Ethereum? Generating a wallet Selecting mining software Joining a mining...

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A LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER: Why we’re all-in on crypto mining

Hello! I’m JP Baric, the founder of MiningStore. Everyone and anyone looking to take care of their money should be researching cryptocurrency at the moment, it very well might be the next evolution of money as we know it. This guide is what I send to all of my clients who inquire about Bitcoin and...

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The Power of Imperium: The #1 Mining Rig on the Market

Cryptocurrency has only been active for seven years, and those who have been involved in the community are looking to boost their income by doing more than just trading. Personal Etherium and ZCash Mining rigs are your next step and can do great things for your bank account. Whether you’re looking to build a rig...

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What is the best GPU for Crypto Mining (Sept 2017)

I’ve had quite the experience shopping around for cards, testing hashrates, voltage settings, etc. and have developed a keen understanding of mining GPU’s through extensive programming experience. The most stable cards for mining are NVIDIA because they never crash. AMD’s cards are reliable and allow for customization due to removed safety parameters. Simplemining offers OC...

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