Who are we

Cryptocurrency Experts with Deep Business Experience

We’ve built an executive team that combines decades of successful IT, information security, and colocation experience with a savvy business acumen and a strong understanding of the crypto space. Every decision we’ve made as a company has been for the benefit of large-scale investors looking for long-term success in the mining space. We are continuously looking to drive down costs and ensure extremely high uptime for our customers and partners.

  • Production support ticketing system to track all requests, changes, incidents and problems

  • Problem management services to identify trends and prevent issues before they occur

  • Software and hardware monitoring tools that send their alerts into the incident ticketing system to quickly assign and track issues.

  • Redundant network carriers with a highly fault-tolerant network routing & switch topology

  • Highly efficient temperature and humidity controls with scalable air flow and heat dispersion systems.

  • Environmental monitoring and intuitive alert system for temperature, humidity, water, and fire/smoke.


Colocation Mining vs. Cloud Mining

Even in today’s bear market for cryptocurrency, miners continue to flourish and thrive; because of this, there are a wide range of choices for those wishing to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this volatile market, efficiency in your mining [...]

“With MiningStore, we were able to quickly launch a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency mining effort that’s raising funds for local workforce development and training. The most technologically advanced arena in the world needed the most durable and efficient mining machines to make this a success, which is why we turned to MiningStore.”

– Ryan Montoya, CTO of the Sacramento Kings
“MiningStore handled the migration of my S9’s from a facility in Texas to their’s in New York with the utmost professionalism. Good communications and proactive ideas for optimizing the performance of my ASICS. I could not recommend them more.”

– Peter McCormack



MiningStore hosting facilities are designed to maximize the profits from your cryptocurrency mining investment while keeping your mining equipment safe and properly maintained.