A company that acts as a bridge between retail investors and the exploding Bitcoin mining industry:




Heres How it Works

Current Momentum

BitVault is uniquely positioned to raise capital by accessing over 1 million followers through Josh Terry on TikTok where content about investing and Bitcoin is released weekly and over $1.4 million dollars worth of investor interest for this project was created.

If we have the entry point at $1,000 / share – Josh will only need 5,000 submissions to invest

1.6% conversion rate with an average investment desire of over $3,000 per submission.

Industry Competition

As it currently stands, there are not currently any widely accepted ways to mine Bitcoin using just a percentage of a miner with a reduced front end investment. BitVault is the bridge to an industry that has a massive gap between the interest level and the entry level.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the option to redeem shares semi-annually after the first year; if the investor does not redeem till year 5, there are no redemption fees

You will be purchasing 30% into Bitcoin as a hedge, 60% into miners which equates to hashrate and an additional 10% for legal accounting, and back office.

This product is built to payout all shareholders by year 5, however, individual investors can purchase shares until the cap of $5 million is hit.

The mining portion of the offering is run by technicians and operators who are currently running thousands of machines in Iowa so they have the experience and are best equipped for optimum hashing.

Current miners cost in excess of $10k and in some cases more than $15k, on top of this you will have the mining operation fully managed at the lowest power rates available.

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