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White-glove services: now you can mine bitcoin, without breaking a sweat

It All Began in Iowa.

After two years of mining in North Carolina , JP decided to risk it all. He emptied his bank account and raised $200K to build this site in Iowa. JP managed his own miners, and began managing miners for his first 50 clients. JP's greatest dream started coming true... a life centered around Bitcoin, and bringing mining to the masses. His clients started getting bigger and bigger, from movie stars to NBA Head Coaches. MiningStore was already growing smoothly, and then...

Then... JP Went On Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil invited JP to teach his audience about Bitcoin. Unfortunately, JP wasn't able to 'orange-pill' Dr. Phil, but thankfully, something even better happened… The moment the episode aired, MiningStore's credibility skyrocketed, and massive opportunities poured in faster than we could ever hope for. But JP's facility was completely full, and it’d take 5 months to build another. JP needed to scale, and he needed to scale fast. Tons of amazing clients were at his fingertips, and he couldn't let them pass.

Our Opportunity Became Clear.

Mining Pods were the obvious solution. Not only are Mining Pods quick to deploy, but due to their compact design, we can deploy facilities where our competitors can't. This allows us to snag the cheapest electricity, and pass it on to you. Two years later, we still deploy this exact strategy. Thanks to our rapid deployment, the moment we identify a new site, we instantly deploy groups of 20 to 30 Pods, about twice the size of our original facility. Ever since Dr. Phil, we've been deploying a new 5MW site every three months. We're scaling rapidly, and we'd love for you to join us.

Our secret Is our Rapid deployment... And it's all thanks to these mining pods.

At MiningStore, we provide electricity at-cost, so you can reap the full benefits of your miners. What’s in it for us? We want Bitcoin, just as much as you do.

By offering electricity at cost, a win-win occurs: You‘re able to mine much more Bitcoin at MiningStore compared to anywhere else. And we earn a small slice of that excess profit, in return for managing your miners 24/7, and providing the cheap electricity that allows your profits to soar.

It’s a win-win for the two of us, and it’s a win for the strength of the Bitcoin network. Not only does this allow your profitability to soar, but even more importantly, this gives you confidence in our services. Since our only payment is for the excess Bitcoin we earn for you, you can have great confidence that our technicians are working around the clock, keeping your miners running 24/7.

At MiningStore, we mine the right way… instead of upcharging electrical by 40%, and severely diminish your profitability, we provide electricity at-cost, so you can reap the full benefits of your Miners. And we have dozens of pods ready to go, so you can start mining, today.

Managed Mining: Our proven path to your Mining success

Aligned Incentives

Thanks to our cheap electricity, your profits will be higher here than anywhere else. And thanks to our profit share, we’re incentivized to keep your miners running 24/7, compared to facilities that get paid no matter if your miners are running or not.

24/7 management

The whole reason we're in the mining business is because we want Bitcoin. And since our only payment is for your "cherry-on-top" profits, we'll be working around the clock, keeping your miners running 24/7

The Cheapest Electricity

Instead of upcharging electricity, and ramping up your costs by 40%, we provide electricity at cost. Instead of racking up your costs by 40%, we earn a mere 20% of profit and 7.5% of revenue. 20+7.5 is a whole lot less than 40!

Generate Discounted BTC

Leverage our economies of scale to accumulate Bitcoin at a steep discount. If you don't have a crystal ball, correctly timing the market just isn't possible. Mining Bitcoin is the absolute best way to maximize your bag.

Higher Profits, For Longer

When you have the lowest electrical cost on the network, not only are your monthly profits higher than high-cost facilities, but your miners also keep mining hyper-profitably for longer (potentially 1-3 extra years).

Monthly Distributions

You'll receive mining profits straight to your designated wallet, on the last day of each full calendar month of mining.

Hassle free investing with a finely-tuned process


Our team will (help you) discuss options with you, to identify the miners that best suit your budget, timeline, and operational goals. You’ll receive an invoice and purchase agreement for the hardware.


Once the purchase is complete, our team will provide an ETA for arrival at our site. Once ordered, we’ll begin a simple onboarding process to ensure your account is fully set-up, so you can start mining the moment your miners arrive.


The moment your machines are deployed, you’ll receive a link where you’ll be able to monitor your Mining activity on an ongoing basis. Our on-site technicians will be maintaining your machines and doing their best to keep them running 24/7.


At the end of each full calendar-month of Mining, you’ll receive a monthly report detailing total revenue generated, any associated fees, and your overall profit, which will be deposited into your personal BTC wallet same-day.

Managed Mining Program FAQ

The Managed Mining Program (MMP) is MiningStore’s flagship service. Performed within a managed account structure, the MMP is the fastest and easiest way to generate discounted Bitcoin through mining, without the hassle of trying to do it on your own. The MMP is completely white-glove; through a simple profit-sharing structure, MiningStore is highly incentivized to run your machines like they are our own. The program includes access to our highly advanced mining data center, low-cost and readily available mining machines, institutional custody, monthly distributions, at-cost power, and more.

The only upfront cost you bear is the cost of the mining machines, and any relevant power deposit. Everything else is taken out on the backend from the monthly reconciliation of the custody account

  • Management Fee: 7.5% of revenue

  • Performance Fee: 20% of net profit

  • Exclusive access to our highly advanced mining POD infrastructure. This includes rack space, electrical step-down, cooling, and land
  • At-cost power (5.1 cents per kWh)
  • 24/7 monitoring and management through our on-site technicians and asset management software stack
  • Machine procurement from our verified mining vendors
  • Machine installation and configuration
  • Pool and custody account setup
  • Free replacement parts
  • Monthly distributions and financial reports
  • Hardware liquidation assistance

Through our institutional custodial partner, MiningStore creates an individual custody account for each MMP client. Mining rewards will be deposited into the account daily but distributions are made monthly. At the end of each month, MiningStore will reconcile the account to cover the management fee and power cost. After these are taken out we distribute your 80% profit-share to the Bitcoin wallet of your choice. Additionally, we send a financial report showing an overview of the mining activities and a line-by-line breakdown of the charges.

  1. After deciding on the investment amount, MiningStore will send a Managed Mining service agreement, a purchase contract, and a payable invoice with wiring instructions.
  2. After MiningStore has received funds we will begin the machine procurement process.
  3. After the machines have been procured, you will receive an email from MiningStore’s Head of Customers support updating you on your machine delivery timeframe and requesting your Bitcoin address.
  4. Once the machines arrive on-site, MiningStore will install and configure them within 24-72 hours.
  5. After the full first month of mining, MiningStore will reconcile your custody account and process your first distribution.

On average, MiningStore is able to receive mining servers within 2-weeks after ordering.

It is very important to own your hashrate in the Bitcoin mining industry. You own the machines; the serial numbers (which you will be sent) of your machines are tied to your investment.

On average, mining servers can run for 5 years before either becoming obsolete or physically breaking down. Thanks to MiningStore’s low electricity costs, miners at our facility often last 1-2 years longer compared to facilities with higher electricity costs.

MiningStore only allows brand-new, top-line Bitcoin mining servers into the MMP.

All new Bitcoin miners come directly from China. MiningStore works with multiple verified mining vendors who handle all import and shipping processes.

MiningStore has established strong relationships with multiple insurance providers who can offer coverage on your machines. Their contact information can be found in the Managed Mining data room.

Our flagship facility located in Grundy Center, Iowa utilizes a mix of wasted wind power which is generated on-site and traditional grid power. Renewable wind power provides 85% of total power at this site.

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