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JP Baric

Chief Executive Officer

MiningStore’s CEO, JohnPaul Baric, has been an avid Bitcoin believer since 2013, and has been a key player in the mining industry since 2016. Ever since his Dr. Phil appearance in 2021, JP has been rapidly growing MiningStore, adding a new site every 2 months. JP has overseen 14+ mining deployments and has introduced hundreds of people into the space, including many of the most renowned Bitcoin personalities and podcast hosts. JP is passionate about the mining industry and loves helping others learn and benefit from this amazing technology. He is truly at the forefront of the Blockchain industry and is dedicated to empowering the security of the Bitcoin network, for the rest of his life.

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Zac Safron

Investor Relations

Zac has been a Bitcoin believer since 2015, and has deep expertise and relationships in the digital currency mining industry. He’s been featured in digital asset summits across the world and has participated as a keynote speaker to discuss the institutionalization of the digital currency mining space. 

Jack Z. Sherman

Chief Relations Officer

Over his career, Jack has built an elite base of political, commercial, and individual contacts throughout the world. He uses these contacts and his 30+ years in financing energy projects to provide global development for MiningStore, by introducing our company to industry-leading energy and financial institutions globally.

Jordan German

Mining Sales Consultant

Jordan is a Bitcoiner focused on helping individuals and institutions mine Bitcoin at the ease of purchasing miners, thanks to our white-glove services. He views Bitcoin mining as the orange pill for investors and business-minded people, and uses his background in business development to help grow MiningStore across the US. To Jordan, nothing is better than providing clients with the "aha! moment" where they realize the incredible opportunity of Bitcoin mining.

Andrew Edmonds

Customer Success Specialist

Andrew brings almost a decade of Client Services experience to the team, having Sales and Customer Success roles across the Construction, Digital Marketing, and Financial Services industries. A passionate hobbyist in the bitcoin world since 2017, he's extremely excited to engage with and guide MiningStore's customers post-sale. He graduated from the Boston University School of Management and currently resides in Texas.

Matthew Festa

Site Architect and Designer

Matthew Festa has worked in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry for over 10 years. Matthew began working as a draftsman for a small architecture firm focusing on small restaurant and coffee chains and residential projects. He later transitioned to a position as Lighting designer for an MEP firm where he worked on major hospitals and outpatient treatment centers, as well as higher education projects. He now works as an architectural consultant and visual, design, & construction (VDC) project manager in New York.  He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma, with a minor in Sustainability. He is currently obtaining a Masters of Science in Biomimicry from Arizona State University.

Daniel Kauffman


Daniel Kauffman is an energy sector consultant and entrepreneur with whose practice focuses on technical due diligence, market assessment, and technology commercialization. Daniel’s formerly a Director of Strategy with Siemens Energy, as well as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger.

Brett Lawrence

Global Sourcing

Founder and President of Velociter Group, LLC since 2005, following previous work in global sourcing for IBM and Flextronics.  Velociter provides overseas sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain consulting services to a wide range of industries.  While our core business focuses on items fabricated from metals [primarily Steel and Aluminum], our customers also buy textiles, capital equipment, magnets, injection molded plastics and and many other products.

Tawny Crabb

Asset Management Specialist

Tawny Crabb - Former retail manager with skills in asset management and communication with customers. Hobbies include video games, knitting, spending time with her children and family, and reading. Starting out as a "bitcoin-skeptic," Tawny has become deeply fascinated by Bitcoin and it's world-wide impacts during her past 4+ years at MiningStore.

Aaron Stumberg

Mining Technician Manager

Aaron Stumberg is a technician and tester who works to maintain, diagnose, and repair miners. This ranges from completely rebuilding hashboards to prolonging the equipment's life through preventative maintenance. Aaron firmly believes that cryptocurrency will not only prove it's relevance and necessity in a short time but will also greatly reward it's pioneers. Aaron has experience working in quality engineering with John Deere & Company and avidly works on his own PCB development with his two sons. Aaron manages and leads a team of 5 Technicians. Aaron holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Northern Iowa, and received a CSBS research grant during his last semester.

Eric Zhang

Mining Technician Manager

After graduating from university in China, Eric ShengLei Zhang worked at NetEase, China's largest online game company at the time. Eric soon developed an "entrepreneurial itch" and started his own cryptocurrency mining business. Just like JP, Eric was incredible early to the scene. Before joining MiningStore, Eric worked for Bitmain's North America division, where he helped manage the operation of air-cooled and water-cooled Bitcoin miners. At MiningStore, Eric is a level 2 mining technician and leads a team of 3 technicians. On the side, Eric loves listening to hip-hop music and playing Texas Hold'em poker with friends.

Andres Arteaga

Financial Comptroller

Andres is an industrial engineer specializing in Processes and Quality, backed by 2 years of Project Management experience and a Yellow Belt certification. Andres expertise lies in statistical data analysis, process optimization, and Six Sigma proficiency. I oversee information security projects, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and providing valuable insights through statistical analysis. With a background in teaching, I've optimized self-evaluation processes and provided targeted improvement actions. My formal education includes a Specialization in Processes and Quality from EAN University and a degree in Industrial Engineering from Konrad Lorenz University. Additionally, I hold certifications in ISO 27001 Auditing, Initiating, and Project Planning, along with a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma from EAN University.

Justin Edwards

Mining Technician Manager

Justin Edwards grew up in Grundy Center, Iowa and previously lived outside of Chicago, Illinois. The moment Justin joined MiningStore, he quickly surpassed all expectations, and thus was elevated to a Miner Technician Leadership Role. Nowadays, Justin leads a team of 4 technicians who manage their respective site with industry-leading uptime. Justin enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. He is married with two daughters and loves spending time with his family.

Jason Li

Board Repair Specialist and Technician Manager

Jason Li has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years. He is experienced in both software and hardware. Before joining Mining Store, Jason worked for LN maintenance LLC, which is one of the largest Bitcoin mining companies in south Georgia. Jason is experienced in maintaining all different types of Antminer and Whatsminer machines, and is especially skilled at maintaining/repairing ASIC Hashboards, and supporting equipment. Jason has only been at MiningStore for 6 months now, but has already soared past expectations, and is leading a team of 3 technicians.

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