MiningStore Team

JP Baric MiningStore Team CEO

JP Baric

Chief Executive Officer

At only 21 years old, MiningStore’s CEO, John Paul Baric, has been an avid Bitcoin activist since 2011 and has been a key player in the crypto mining space for almost five years. He has overseen six mining deployments and introduced hundreds of people into the space. JP is passionate about the mining industry and loves helping others learn and benefit from this amazing technology. He is truly at the forefront of the Blockchain industry and will be a continual thought-leader in the space.

Kensi Sheets

Chief Operations Officer

Kensi is truly a Jill of all trades for MiningStore day-to-day operations utilizing her experience as a business analyst, financial representative, strategic partnership manager, and office administrator. Supporting Aurum’s customers by working closely with onsite technicians, monitoring and reporting KPIs, and assisting with accounting and financial processes are just a few of the areas she assists with.

Ronald Huff

Chief Financial Officer

Ron has over 20 years of finance and operating experience and has raised over $800+ million in total financings. He has served on several boards of both public and private corporations as the “financial expert” and has been CFO for multiple large energy companies including the National Oil Company of Trinidad & Tobago.

Jack Z. Sherman

Chief Relations Officer

Over his career, Jack has built an elite base of political, commercial, and individual contacts throughout the world. He uses these contacts and his 30+ years in financing energy projects to provide global development for Aurum by introducing the company to industry-leading energy and financial institutions globally.

Zac Safron

Investor Relations

Zac a Bitcoin investor since 2015, has deep expertise and relationships in the digital currency mining industry. He’s been featured in digital asset summits across the world and has participated as a keynote speaker to discuss the institutionalization of the digital currency mining space. 

Daniel Kauffman


Daniel Kauffman is an energy sector consultant and entrepreneur with whose practice focuses on technical due diligence, market assessment, and technology commercialization. Daniel’s formerly a Director of Strategy with Siemens Energy, as well as a Field Engineer with Schlumberger.

Brian Day

Project Manager

Brian is planning and implementing our latest blockchain mining facility in upstate New York.  He installed mining systems in North Carolina and California and manages miners in North Carolina and China.  Brian has extensive experience designing and implementing data centers in numerous industries including international telecommunications, semiconductor design centers, nuclear power, and manufacturing (electronics, aerospace, automotive).  Brian managed over 200 IT projects, all completed on-time, and within budget.  
Mr. Day remains active with Wyoming’s emergence as the world’s leading blockchain-friendly business environment including Special Purpose Depository Institutions for fiduciary management of customers’ digital assets.  He managed clients’ investments for 12 years, has an MBA from Duke specializing in finance, and has been a consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Matthew Festa


Matthew Festa has worked in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry for over 10 years. Matthew began working as a draftsman for a small architecture firm focusing on small restaurant and coffee chains and residential projects. He later transitioned to a position as Lighting designer for an MEP firm where he worked on major hospitals and outpatient treatment centers, as well as higher education projects. He now works as an architectural consultant and visual, design, & construction (VDC) project manager in New York.  He has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma, with a minor in Sustainability. He is currently obtaining a Masters of Science in Biomimicry from Arizona State University.

Nick Deal

Procurement Manager

Nick graduated from Old Dominion University in 2014 with a Master's of Public Administration and a graduate certificate in Public Procurement and Contract Management. He comes to the MiningStore from a Chief of Operations role in a successful real estate agency, bringing his experience and enthusiasm for procurement and efficiency to the bitcoin mining space.

Drew Kulak

Investor Relations

Drew has been following Bitcoin and investing in the crypto space since early 2013. With a history in Financial Advising at both Mass Mutual and Fidelity Investments, he brings insight into the benefits of retaining a diversified portfolio with Bitcoin exposure. Having followed Miningstore’s growth over the past several years, he joined the team in an effort to help educate new investors on the unique investment opportunity that Bitcoin mining offers and to assist in the development and deployment of additional investment product offerings.

Warren Babb


Warren is a North Carolina native who specializes in Systems Engineering and Analytics. With a keen-eye for the bigger picture, Warren affects change on Miningstore’s backend as a Project Specialist. His work includes new site development, site optimization, backend design and development, and data analysis. Joining the team as a senior at North Carolina State University, Warren will graduate in May and continue consulting in Denver, CO, where he will try to take up snowboarding and running at 5,000 feet.

Brett Lawrence

Global Sourcing

Founder and President of Velociter Group, LLC since 2005, following previous work in global sourcing for IBM and Flextronics.  Velociter provides overseas sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain consulting services to a wide range of industries.  While our core business focuses on items fabricated from metals [primarily Steel and Aluminum], our customers also buy textiles, capital equipment, magnets, injection molded plastics and and many other products.

Seth Deyo

Frontend Developer

Seth,  is from San Diego California and is obsessed with all things digital. With a wide birth of expertise, Seth is not only a frontend developer, he is also a digital strategist, well versed in information architecture, and also specializes in digital brand transformations. with nearly 15 seasons under his belt crafting digital brands online, Seth is a creative that is driven by “better”. He has worked across a wide array of industries and sectors, working with small and medium SMB teams as a driving force for digital brand transformations that drives success and scalable growth. 

Summer Little

Digital Media Coordinator

Summer Little is the social media manager where she creates and maintains brand promotion through content and reach out. She monitors, moderates and responds to audience comments; introduces social media partnerships with other brands; and creates and/or post shareable videos and images.  She practices one of her favorite passions through her LLC, where she creates custom logos, website design, and graphic design. She worked for Caterpillar for nearly 2 1/2 years where she received multiple certifications, two promotions and the Presidential Customer Excellence award.  Summer has her Bachelor’s in Business Management and minor in Human Resources from Oklahoma State University. Go Pokes!

Mangus Anderson

Mining General Manager

Magnus is the Site Manager for our flagship site in Iowa. He has worked for some of the biggest companies in Information Technology and brings this knowledge to the Bitcoin Industry. Magnus quit his job at Microsoft in summer of 2020 to start working for Miningstore, due to his belief that Bitcoin is going to change the world! 

David Bryson Mackie

Mining Deployment

Bryson Mackie is a NC native with a passion for Cryptocurrency. He has been configuring, deploying, and maintaining miners since 2018. As a Senior Technician at Miningstore he continues to stay at the forefront of Blockchain technology.

Aaron Stumberg

Mining Technician

Aaron Stumberg is a technician and tester who works to maintain, diagnose, and repair miners. This ranges from completely rebuilding hashboards to prolonging the life of the equipment through preventative maintenance. Aaron firmly believes that cryptocurrency will not only prove it's relevance and necessity in a short time but will also greatly reward it's pioneers. Aaron has experience working in quality engineering with John Deere & Company and avidly works on his own PCB development with his two sons. Aaron holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Northern Iowa, and received a CSBS research grant during his last semester.