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Mining Containers

MiningStore BitCave: Mobile Bitcoin Mining Container

With a capacity of up to 1600 S9 Bitcoin miners, the MiningStore BitCave is the most advanced, efficient and highest density mining container ever designed.

BitCave is a revolutionary mobile bitcoin mining container that has been strategically designed to maximize profits while leveraging an efficient installation and hosting process.

Invest in a turn-key mining operation that can be quickly deployed with the most competitive power rates in the country, and is fully managed by a team of IT professionals. 

With over 5+ years of mining experience and 30+ combined years of IT management, the passionate team behind the MiningStore BitCave is creating that reality and providing you with the smartest mining container investment in the industry. 

Our team’s tested research into airflow and cooling has allowed us to successfully rethink your standard container blueprint and are deliver you the highest density mining container on the market. 

With the BitCave’s unparalleled hosting capacity, you’re able to capitalize on the markets’ remarkably low hardware and power costs to achieve unprecedented cryptocurrency mining returns.

Mining with the BitCave is extraordinarily easy; within a few short weeks, MiningStore will deliver, install and manage your new mining container through its entire life cycle.

Benefits of hosting in a miningstore bitcave

BitCave's modular design removes the endless discrepancies all colocations face and lets you take control of your mining investment.


BitCave’s modular design brings simplicity back to running a large-scale mining operation by being a truly plug’n’mine hosting container. Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection the Bitcave starts mining instantly.


MiningStore’s exclusive container facility gives you access the cheapest hosting rates in the country making the BitCave extremely profitable even in today’s bear market.


BitCave’s modular design allows you to draw electricity directly from the source and ensures a fixed low price and no downtime.

Optimal Environment

The unique design and orientation of the power distribution, racks and ventilation throughout the container, allows for extremely efficient heat removal and provides the optimal environment for your mining hardware. As a result, BitCave can host the highest density of mining servers at maximum efficiency giving you the best returns available.


The BitCave is fitted with a 24/7 monitoring security system, an advanced production support ticketing software, and remote server access so you can view live hashing reports on your hardware.

Why mine in a container?

Efficient power distribution, cost-effective power rates, simple installation, scalable management, and an optimal mining environment. These are just a few reasons why mining in a MiningStore BitCave, the most advanced and efficient mining container that has ever been designed, is the only choice for large-scale Bitcoin mining today. 

Traditional colocation mining can be great for smaller operations but poses many issues and discrepancies that mining containers eliminate.

Power Cost and Distribution: Colocation mining is primarily done out of warehouses and factories that have been converted into data centers. The cost to take power from overhead power lines and transform it to be distributed throughout the facility can be substantial and make mining significantly less profitable. Mining containers allow us to place them directly next to the cheapest power option, eliminate the dependency on an energy company, and draw power directly from the grid to be instantly and equally distributed. With a MiningStore BitCave, you’ll have access to the cheapest power rates in the country making Bitcoin mining extremely profitable at any Bitcoin price.

Simplified Installation and Management: Another issue with colocation mining is that each facility requires an individual power distribution and airflow design. The MiningStore BitCave has been carefully designed with a simple installation process that will have you mining within days of arrival. The BitCave has advanced airflow designs and monitoring systems that ensure industry-leading intake and exhaust functionality to keep your machines at optimal efficiency.

Optimal Mining Environment: Colocation mining facilities requires a very strategic and individual approach to airflow as you are dealing with a large space and lots of heat. By mining in a BitCave, space is greatly condensed, which makes airflow control incredibly efficient and allows the BitCave to have the highest capacity for mining hardware on the market. The BitCave can be run in high-temp environments while keeping all of your machines cool and protected. 

What separates the bitcave?

Mining containers provide miners with a cheaper and more efficient solution to traditional colocations for large-scale Bitcoin mining. To take advantage of the unique way that containers draw power and make certain they more efficiently run your hardware,  an extremely well thought-out design that has taken every single factor into account is necessary.

Some key factors are power distribution, intake and exhaust, fan horsepower, hardware racking design, network gear, air filters, security system, PDUs, cover material and paint, insulation, environmental monitoring and more.

The BitCave has been specially designed in order to maximize efficiency and operate as the highest density mining container on the market, with the capacity to safely run up to 1600 S9 Bitcoin miners in our full 40-ft model. MiningStore has tested the BitCave’s design and is confident that our superior mining container provides our customers with an unparalleled mining operation.