About Us

MiningStore was founded in 2015 by JohnPaul Baric with a simple idea, developing the most efficient and durable rig possible.

Our technicians and engineers work with a wide-range of manufacturers and distributors to develop and source the highest-quality components available, and today we are proud to produce a highly-praised line of professional-quality miners.

Since our launch, MiningStore has built thousands of rigs and expanded our product line to include custom-built units.   Additionally, we now offer a robust hosting solution at a local co-location warehouse.  Units hosted in this location are monitored and serviced by our staff of experienced technicians around the clock.

Finally, in addition to high-quality parts and an extended warranty, all MiningStore customers receive robust phone and email support from our service department.  This combination of professional-quality parts with personalized customer service has endeared us to our customer-base and is the foundation upon which we continue to grow and develop new products.

We continue to strive towards our goal of becoming the most effective method for enthusiasts and newcomers alike to enter the world of mining. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our staff via Intercom (the chat icon you see on the page to your right) OR give us a call at 877-467-7780 and we'll get back to you in no time.