Cypherpunk Holdings Enters Agreement With MiningStore

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Cypherpunk Holdings Enters Agreement With MiningStore

Cypherpunk Holdings is a sector leader for cryptocurrency, privacy and cryptography focused investments and now mining.

The company recently announced an agreement for a large-scale hosted cryptocurrency mining operation with MiningStore. Under this agreement, Cypherpunk has purchased 25 Bitmain S19J Pro miners for USD $300,000 which produce 100 terahashes per second each. MiningStore will host and operate the machines in Iowa, USA for Cypherpunk pursuant to a managed mining and profit sharing agreement.

Tony Guoga, Cypherpunk CEO, stated “This investment in cryptocurrency mining helps Cypherpunk diversify its investment portfolio and is intended to allow Cypherpunk to continue to accumulate cryptocurrency assets. Cypherpunk is in a position to be a supplier of Bitcoin (BTC) and not just a buyer.” (Press Release)

Houston-Based Retirement Fund Adds Bitcoin To Its Portfolio

NYDIG has facilitated the first investment in digital assets by a public pension plan in the United States. The pension fund, for the City of Houston’s firefighters, HHRF, has chosen to purchase bitcoin and ether for its portfolio. (HHRF’s Bitcoin Purchase) 

Bakkt And Mastercard Partner To Increase Virtual Currency Accessibility

Bakkt is a leading virtual currency financial institution that seeks to bring transparency and trust to digital assets. Bakkt’s partnership with Mastercard will enable consumers to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency, deliver unique, crypto-centric loyalty opportunities, and streamline issuance of branded crypto debit and credit cards. (Company Announcement)

How To Avoid A Bitcoin Mining Noise Complaint

A Bitcoin mining operation in Tennessee remains active despite a letter from the county Planning Administrator demanding its shutdown. The facility is the subject of a civil lawsuit filed in August in which the owner of adjacent property claimed that noise from the mine created a nuisance. (Local Coverage of The Case)

The law generally states that a property owner has the right to use and enjoy their property without unreasonable interference. Moving forward, this case could serve as a gentle reminder for bitcoin miners to take care in not disturbing nearby property owners. Luckily, many companies have realized this issue could arise and have prepared specially-designed containers that significantly reduce the sound of mining.

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Public Bitcoin Mining Companies Plan to 4X Hash Rate

The world’s largest public mining companies are planning to quadruple their hashrate. Riot and Marathon are planning to aggressively expand their mining capabilities by several multiples. (Compass Mining Memo)

What Is Bitcoin’s Daily Moving Average?

Moving averages can be useful to determine the relative support and resistance levels of a particular asset based on its price history. (Investopedia)To calculate Bitcoin’s Daily Moving Average (DMA),  take the arithmetic mean of its closing price over a specific number of days in the past; for example, over the previous 15, 30, 100, or 200 days. Bitcoin is currently trading at more than 100% of its 15-DMA and 138% of its 200-DMA. (BitOda)

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