How To Get Bitcoin In 2019: A Step-By-Step Guide To A Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin mining is an extremely dynamic industry with its constant updates on how to mine Bitcoin, the hardware, software, pools, price, difficulty, and profitability, making it harder to calculate your returns and always make money mining.

ASIC miners have quickly advanced and upgraded, impacting how much ASICs make and therefore how long it would take you to mine a full Bitcoin.

But, are asking yourself how to get Bitcoin in 2019? Are you interested in the revolution of decentralized Cryptocurrencies? Maybe you are looking forward to stashing on Bitcoin on any other relevant Cryptocurrency that suits your interest. For this, you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you are a beginner and are not willing to make some heavy investment in the industry, you can go on with Micro Earnings or can integrate Bitcoin payment in your website. Further, Newbie can easily learn how to get Bitcoin for free with little effort by completing tasks or signature campaigns on Bitcointalk forum.

How To Get Bitcoin: By Purchasing and Trading Them

Well, the easiest way to get Bitcoin is by purchasing them. There are a lot of ways to do so, as many Crypto exchanges also cater to these needs. For example, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance allows credit card payment on their platform in exchange for Bitcoins. Similarly, you can also purchase Bitcoin using several other exchanges, such as Coinbase and Coinmama.

Once you successfully purchase your first Bitcoin, you can either hold them or trade them with other Cryptocurrencies. Trading might be one of the safest but riskiest ways to make more Bitcoins.

Basically, you buy alternative coins when the price is low and sell them when their price is high. In turn, you receive more Bitcoins then you previously have. However, Bitcoin trading can be complex and it is not a matter of luck.

To become a successful trader, you need to invest time to learn the complexities and technicalities of Crypto trading. This will help you overcome many risks associated with Crypto trading.

A successful trader might also lose money in the short run. But, as far as investment is concerned many retain their holdings for the long run. Maybe, this is the reason why the word HODL is that popular in the Crypto community.

How To Get Bitcoin: Bitcoin Mining

If you are looking to build a passive income using Cryptocurrencies, investment in mining would be a good option for you. Bitcoin mining started back in 2009 with the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto mining the first Bitcoin block.

Since then, many things changed and the competition to mine as much Bitcoin as possible using your hardware increased significantly. In fact, the hashing difficulty grew rapidly throughout the year, increasing mining difficulty

But, because of the lengthy bear market, there is an unprecedented opportunity to invest in the mining space. A Bitmain S9 Bitcoin miner cost over $6,000 10 months ago. Today, they are available for less than $200.

In addition, the difficulty is also low since most miners turned off their machines because they have become unprofitable. This gives miners who have access to cheap enough power rates a huge advantage to mine BTC at a low price, difficulty, and hardware costs.

How To Get Bitcoin: Monetize Your Traffic and Accept Bitcoin Payments

Mining or purchasing Bitcoin is not the only way to get Bitcoins. If you have any e-commerce website, a large affiliate network or heap of traffic, you can easily monetize time them through Bitcoins. For ease of access, many popular wallets provide powerful API to integrate Crypto payment on your website. You can use Coinbase and Coinpayments to easily add them as a medium of transaction for your website.

How To Get Bitcoin: Work for Bitcoin

Another way to get Bitcoins is by providing your services against it. You can work for Bitcoin on several websites and quickly gain your hands on Cryptocurrencies without the need for any capital investment. If you don’t know how to begin, browsing a list of Services here would be the perfect way forward.

How To Get Bitcoin: Write for Crypto

Writing about cryptocurrency is similar to saying to open your online presence and monetize it. If you are good at writing and have knowledge of SEO, coming up with influential ideas and reviews about Crypto products and Cryptocurrencies would be a great match for your skills.

People are looking for more and more information and experiences in the Crypto industry. Many websites emerged recently that cater to these needs and are tapping into this opportunity. In many cases, websites are desperately seeking Crypto Writers since it is a new industry and many individuals are not aware of topics and articles.

For this, good writers are hard to find, who can submit qualitative work, in turn, increasing the revenue of the business.

How To Get Bitcoin: Promote Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

A commonly overlooked way for securing Bitcoins is by promoting various affiliate programs. Basically, affiliates are individuals that promote a certain product, or business for free but receive a commission if they manage to bring a successful sale.

Many Bitcoin exchanges, wallets, and products have an affiliate program in which you can enroll without having to pay for. Besides, you will get your own unique affiliate link to promote it on the social media website or any other method that you prefer and think would be the better option.

How about sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? If you have a large follower base, you can easily make tons of Satoshis via affiliate marketing.

Another option is to promote your affiliate link by using an advertising campaign on Social Media, Or Ad Networks. Both options look good and if you manage to get loyal customers for the service you are promoting.

There are highly profitable Bitcoin affiliate programs and these include BinanceCoinbaseSkrill Payment Gateway, Local Bitcoins and many others. By using affiliate networking, you can easily make Bitcoin without having to leave your home.

How To Get Bitcoin: Using Bitcoin Faucets

Let’s forget about Bitcoin investment and working for it. How about some easy ways to get Bitcoins? If you keen to be a slow learner and aren’t prepared to put efforts or capital in decentralized currency, using Bitcoin faucets might be the best way to start.

Using Bitcoin faucets requires efforts and some hard work. In addition, income is pretty low but the risk associated with them is even lower than the previous methods mentioned.

Using Bitcoin faucet is time-consuming and you probably won’t be making a lot of Satoshis. But if you manage to build a large number of referrals on faucet websites, the time and effort you invest will be worth your while.

In addition, you can also perform several micro tasks and complete surveys to get Bitcoins.


There are plenty of ways to get Bitcoins. If you are looking for some easy ways and do not have the time or capital to invest in mining or trading, using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Faucet would be the perfect way forward.

However, if you are looking to stack up a large number of Bitcoins and make it a passive and additional source of revenue, coming up with mining firms or building a perfect trading strategy would suit your needs.

In addition, there are also some other ways you can use to get Bitcoins. These include Signature campaigns on forums, or accumulating Bitcoin tips. You can also use Bitcoin forks, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Diamond to collect more Satoshis.

So, what is your favorite method to get Bitcoins and how will you be looking forward to getting your first decentralized cryptocurrency?

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