ASIC Miners in 2019

Bitcoin mining is a very dynamic industry with consistent updates to the hardware, software, pools, price and profitability, making it harder to always make money with an ASIC miner. From traditional CPU and GPUs, mining investors have now moved toward ASIC miners as their go-to choice due to their updated chips and hashrate.

In early days, anybody could have mined Bitcoin using their average laptop or desktop computer. But as the price of Bitcoin increased, many new participants joined the mining industry to unlock the potential of additional income.

Now, we have powerful and dedicated hardware commonly known as Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Miners. They are available on various e-commerce websites and you can also purchase them from our store.

If you are still thinking to mine Bitcoin using your traditional CPU or GPU, then best of luck in advance for the disappointment you will face! Just for a thought, an average ASIC Miner has the power of about 700 in GPU! So maybe it’s time to reevaluate your hardware choice.

Although there are several ASIC miners available in the market but before making a choice there are two things every investor should consider.

ASIC Miner Hashrate

The hashrate is the number of mathematical calculations that ASIC miner can perform per second. This means high hashrate brings more chance of profitability. Even though the hashrate determines the profit you can make, but then there is power consumption required to run ASIC miner.

Power Consumption

This is another important factor while choosing ASIC hardware. Getting your hands on a very powerful ASIC might help you with high hashrate. But when it comes to making the best decision, investors should also look into power consumption of their hardware. The mining hardware is power hungry and would easily give a hard hit to your electricity bill.

Moving forward, let us dive in further insights about the top best ASIC miners.

Bitmain Antminer S15

This is among the most powerful ASIC miners from Bitmain. At its peak, Antminer can produce a hashrate averaging around 28 TH/s with the power consumption of 1600W. The hardware contains two cooling fans and 7-nanometer chips specifically designed for Bitcoin mining.

But when it comes to profitability, we need to know as to how much each ASIC miner can make? Or in how many days you are going to meet the ROI?

Well, it totally depends on your power cost. For the sake of calculations, if you are living in Canada where, the average cost per kWh is just 10 cents! No wonder then that Canada is becoming a hotspot for Bitcoin mining.

As per the current Bitcoin mining difficulty and price and with the hashrate of 28 TH/s you would probably end up making $25 a month using Antminer S15! That’s the income you would generate by a single ASIC miner. What if we deployed 10 of such machines? Well, the road to passive income doesn’t seem that far.

DragonMint T1 miner

DragonMint T1

Another thing that investors look for before starting Bitcoin mining is efficiency. If we can balance the power consumption with the newly generated Bitcoin, we are likely going to end up profitable. In this case, DragonMint T1 boasts itself as one of the most efficient mining software out there.

Providing a maximum hashrate of 18 Th/s with a power consumption of around 1500W DragonMint T1 can be one of the best choices for new Bitcoin miners. With hardware of this type, you can easily make above $15 a month while enjoying your life in Canada.

But when talk of powerful ASIC miners, then only a few come close to Innosilicon Terminator3.

MicroBT Whatsminer M10

Innosilicon Terminator3

This machine lives up to its name. Manufactured by Innosilicon, a renowned Bitmain competitor, the Terminator 3 ASIC miner boasts of an insane 43 TH/s per second. This is one of the most powerful ASIC miner in the market at the time of writing and requires power consumption of 2100W.

We know more TH/s means more profit, but how much exactly? Based on our estimates, you are likely to make around $55 a month!

MicroBT Whatsminer M10

MicroBT Whatsminer M10

Doesn’t sound good by the name but it is a sleek design hardware is ready to mint new Bitcoin. This ASIC miner boasts a hashrate of 33 Th/s with a power consumption of 2145W. With a price of around $1500, this miner provides a great value for investors.

The hardware is manufactured by MicroBT that aims to provide the mining industry with cost and energy efficient hardware. Well, how much can you earn? Not much but it still gives a pretty decent profit of $14 a month, i.e. if your average electricity bill is around 10 Cents.

Bitmain Antminer S9i

Bitmain Antminer S9i

Here’s our second selection from the manufacturer Bitmain. The s9i is another popular version of the Antminer, and its hashrate can peak around 15 TH/s.

The machine is not power hungry if we compare it to the other ASIC miners listed in this article. With 3 chipboards and 189 chip counts, a person can easily make an average profit of $57 a month with the Antminer s9i.

This is even better then Innosilicon Terminator3. Perhaps, this might be the main reason why many people call it the best ASIC miner.


By now, we know on average how much we can make as passive income with Bitcoin mining, provided we have the right software. But our list might not necessarily be amusing for many investors. Of course, Bitcoin mining might require several days to get return on our investments. And many of us might regret the choice of our hardware. But here is one ASIC miner that might compel you to pull out your credit card!

Ebang Ebit 11++

Ebang Ebit 11++

Don’t focus on the name. We only listed it as a bonus because of it’s earning potential. Any guesses. Well, the Ebit 11++ can earn you a whopping $170 in profits!

The Ebit 11++ is made by Ebang, a company with several other ASIC miners in it’s catalogue. Although it costs around $2500, but it is highly cost-effective and can help you reach ROI within 6-7 months.

The machine boasts a hashrate of 44 TH/s and requires power consumption of just 1980W! With low power and high hashrate you can just relax all day long and focus on other activities while Ebit 11++ makes some passive revenue for you.

Now that’s what call efficient!

Final Thoughts

To sum up, when it comes to a good ASIC miner, there are several options available for investors to choose from. From low-cost S9 Miner to a highly influential Ebit 11++. But the range of choice is not the advantage here.

The overall Bitcoin mining network hashrate is constantly changing and with an ever increasing competition and high volatility in Cryptocurrency prices, you can run the risk of unprofitability. To make a long-lasting income from Bitcoin mining make sure you are using the cheapest power source available. It’s not a good plan if you make one Bitcoin today at a cost of $3950 while paying the electricity bill above $5000.

You can also browse several other ASIC miners in our shop. And if you already have an ASIC miner, then you might be interested in browsing other Bitcoin mining products.

Notice: All the computations above are based on the network hashrate of 43 Exahash per second. In addition, the Bitcoin price in the metrics was fixed at $3950 with the block reward of 12.5 Bitcoin. The mining industry is volatile and Cryptocurrency price can change rapidly. Thus, in case of any loss, our company, member or any of its associate will not be held responsible.