When it comes to cryptocurrency mining especially Bitcoin, the hardware is not the only thing that you need. Perhaps there are more complexities involved such as which Bitcoin mining software should you use and what platform are you using to mine Bitcoins. You might have Linux, Mac or Windows, but does the OS support your Bitcoin mining software?

Before moving forward, know that every Bitcoin mining software we discuss supports Bitcoin ASIC miners. This is because GPU mining with Bitcoin is largely dead. It will take years for a person with average GPU to mine a single Bitcoin. Specialized hardware is now available on the market such as Antminer S9 for a mere $200 that easily competes with traditional GPU rigs. This, in turn, gives better results and hashrate to BTC miners.

Here are some popular Bitcoin mining software that you can use in 2019: (See here: Best Bitcoin Mining Pools)

Cgminer Bitcoin Mining Software

CGminer is one of the most commonly used Bitcoin mining software. The software is originally driven from Bitcoins CPU mining software and it’s quite popular in the mining community. Although it works with ASIC miners but it does not provide simplified user interference.

Instead, you need to make line commands in order for software to work. The software is written in C language and consists of several features. These include:

  • Frequent updates
  • Ability to overclock your hardware
  • Ability to control fan’s speed
  • Support for multiple pools
  • Built-in feature to maximize the value of your hashrate

It  also supports Bitcoin mining with GPU and CPU

In addition, it is a cross-platform Bitcoin mining software. This means it can work on Linux, Mac and as well as Windows. For further analysis of software, you can browse the official thread of Cgminer here.

BFGminer Bitcoin Mining Software

If you have more technical expertise, then BFGminer might suit you best. This is one of the most powerful Bitcoin mining software out there, and unlike Cgminer, it is specifically designed for ASIC miners alone.

While boasting the cross-platform functionality across several platforms, it also supports Raspberry Pi. Although it consists of the same text-based interference as Cgminer but you can use hotkeys to navigate it.

Here are some of the best features that BFGminer offers:

  • Ability to overclock your hardware
  • Supports quite a lot of ASIC hardware
  • Can automatically configure itself in case of mining failover
  • Supports configuration with multiple pools such as Slush, Antpool and etc
  • Can help to monitor the device temperature for better functionality

This open-source software has a lot more to provide in comparison with other Bitcoin mining software. Here is a complete list of features of BFGminer from its developer.

Easyminer Bitcoin Mining Software

If you are not a fan of command line interference, then Easyminer would be the right choice for you. This Bitcoin mining software is a combination of CGminer and BFGminer, and supports several pools. The Easyminer perhaps is a good way to start if you are new to Bitcoin mining and don’t like a black or blue window interface.

But perhaps there is more you should pay attention to when it comes to Easyminer.

This software comes with an additional feature that goes by the name of “MoneyMaker”. When switched on this mode helps to instantly create paper wallets and connects to own private pools.

But there is sad news for Mac and Linux users. This Bitcoin mining software doesn’t officially support any other platform other than Windows. Although, you can take it as a bonus and can download the unofficial version of this software here.

Here are some features of Easyminer to consider before you make the decision to go forward with it:

  • It’s free and open source. This means you can modify it the way you like
  • Provides real time statistics of shares accepted and rejected
  • Provides a built-in personal wallet for user’s convenience
  • Supports periodic hardware checks to maintain hashing speed.
  • Provides visualization graphs for easy monitoring of your Bitcoin mining activity.

BitMinter Bitcoin Mining Software

Officially started as an initiative to make mining more user-friendly and easy, the company quickly gained fame and now runs their own mining pool. However, there is little activity on their pool. But the Bitcoin mining software provides a trouble-free way for new miners to enter the mining industry.

Although, the project is not open source and only supports BitMinter pool, if you want to avoid running into Bitcoin mining technicalities, then BitMinter may be the perfect fit for you. You should also give Bitminter a try If you are looking for a fast and simple installation to configure your ASIC hardware. In addition, the software is available across Windows, Mac and Linux so it won’t matter as to which operating system you are using.

You can download Bitminter from their official website.

Multi Miner Bitcoin Mining Software

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, making the most out of your hardware is what many of us look for. Perhaps making the best use of your ASIC hardware requires the right user-friendly software capable of generating the optimal hashrate.

Multi Miner may prove your favorite when it comes to user-friendly interfaces. For this Bitcoin mining software, the development team took both new and advanced users into consideration. Multi Miner supports several known Bitcoin mining pools. In addition, it also supports Litecoin mining and can easily work around with GPUs.

Multi Miner has its own dedicated website from where you can download the software. Besides, the software automatically detects your hardware configuration to provide you with the best hashrate possible, which is something all investors want to achieve.

This Bitcoin mining software is open source and the code can also be browsed on their Github repository. This software is very appealing to new investors and individuals looking forward to reap the benefits of Bitcoin mining. Perhaps this is because of the additional features it provides, such as:

It requires no configuration by automatically detecting Network Devices
Automatic updates for software to improve usability
Notify you about other profitable currencies to mine
Automatically detect and monitor standalone miners on your network

The Bonus

The above things aside, there is something more that makes me prefer Multi Miner all Bitcoin mining software that we mentioned in this article. And that something extra is Multi Miner’s ability to easily monitor your rigs and ASIC miner using a mobile browser or their dedicated mobile app.

Most of us don’t have a lot of time to regularly check our hardware and CPU to see how they are functioning. But when it comes to Multi Miner, it provides an easy way to monitor the performance of all of your rigs on-the-go.


Apart from the Bitcoin mining software listed above, there are many other open-source software that you may find suitable for your mining interests. But the majority of them do not provide additional functionality as those highlighted above. In addition, most of them are also based on command-line, and that can make it difficult for a new user to configure his mining hardware and connect it to his favorite mining pool.

So, when it comes to Bitcoin mining, you need a proper combination of software and hardware to maximize your profits. By just stacking up ASIC miners and configuring them with the some poor software that lacks several functionality won’t be really helpful.

Once again, if you are looking for the best Bitcoin mining software, I will opt for Multi Miner. This is because of its notification feature that constantly checks my hardware and Altcoin prices to notify me about the best profitable coins to mine.

In any case, if you are planning to start Bitcoin mining, then proper insight and research is needed to make the ultimate decision with regards to Bitcoin mining software. Perhaps you should also see that if the Bitcoin mining software you are going to opt for provides support for your hardware. Of course, you are not planning to jump from one software to another and risk increasing your power costs if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

There have been instances where people have reported a lack of communication between their ASIC miner and software. So do some digging around in this respect as well.

And don’t forget to backup your Bitcoin wallet before you begin minting new coins!