Best ASIC Miner for Cryptocurrency Mining in 2019

Best ASIC Miner for Cryptocurrency Mining in 2019

Choosing the best ASIC miner is an essential tool for your cryptocurrency mining operation, as you’ll need to invest in the best ASIC miner if you want to make any profits mining cryptocurrency. Especially with Bitcoin’s recent price spike, difficulty for mining the future global currency has also risen! Read this up-to-date article to learn about the best ASIC miners and Bitcoin ASICs available in 2019! If you’d like to learn more about Ethereum mining hardware and profitability, Z-Cash mining hardware, how Bitcoin mining works and what it is actually doing, or the pools, software, time, profitability, and calculators, involved, check out our mining news page here!

What Is Bitcoin Mining Hardware?

In the early days of Bitcoin mining, miners used their central processing units (CPU) to mine. With time, they had to move to graphical processing units in computer graphics cards that were up to 100 times faster and consumed less power per unit of work. By 2011, miners were using field programmable gate array processors (FPGA) . FPGA’s are connected to a computer through a USB connection and use power more economically than GPUs and CPUs. The use of FPGAs made it possible to mine Bitcoin in concentrated mining farms. Currently, the trend for Bitcoin mining hardware is Application-specific integrated circuit. ASIC has taken over the miners, thanks to its unprecedented speed and less power consumption.

What Is ASIC Mining Hardware?

Application specific integrated circuit is designed to perform a specific task. If an ASIC is created for mining, that is the only task it can perform. Since bitcoin mining hardware concentrates on mining alone, it produces excellent results.

ASICs are specifically created to solve bitcoin blocks. They are able to solve bitcoin blocks faster and use less electricity than FPGAs, CPUs, and GPUs because they have minimal requirements for other normal computer applications.

Over the years, it has become challenging to complete the mathematical computation needed to add a block to Bitcoin’s blockchain. This is why every miner needs the best ASIC miner available.

What Does ASIC Consist of?

Application Specific Integrated Circuits are made up of several essential elements, including:

  • A broad set of microcircuits
  • Memory block
  • Power supply
  • Connector
  • Fans

The best ASIC miners differ in their sizes, the amount of power they draw, and their ability to solve specific tasks (algorithms of work).

There are three common types of mining algorithms:

  • SHA-256 – this is the algorithm used by most bitcoin mining hardware . The first ASICs were designed for this algorithm. Cryptocurrencies such as Syscoin, Neoscoin, Counterparty, and Bitcoin are based on this algorithm.
  • X11- this algorithm was proposed when developing the Dash cryptocurrency. Its proof of work employs 11 hashing functions. Other cryptocurrencies based on this algorithm include Onix, Pura, BitSend, Centurion, and PinkCoin.
  • Scrypt- Scrypt is a secure function that generates a key depending on a password. Hacking such a system requires a large amount of memory, with random access. Script works on Dogecoin, Litecoin, BitDeal, BitConnect, and Litecoin Blockchains.

The type of algorithm used is essential for proof of work. Proof of work requires active user participation to earn results. Most Blockchains are built on proof of work.

What to Consider When Purchasing The Best ASIC Miner

The first thing to look for when shopping for the best ASIC miner is its hashrate or power. It is usually expressed in Gh/s, Th/s or Mh/s. Bitcoin miners with higher hashrates are faster at calculations, which means an increased chance for a bigger reward. Although you can increase the hashrate of an ASIC, it will lead to a higher power consumption and failure of the equipment, especially if it has a regular cooling system.

The second factor to look into when selecting the best ASIC miner is electricity consumption. If you are using more than ten devices, you need to pay extra attention to the power of the network.

Thirdly, the best ASIC miner uses energy efficiently. The amount of energy consumed is expressed as the ratio of consumed energy to hashed. The lower the coefficient, the more energy efficient the device is. The best ASIC miners on the market today are energy efficient.

You also need to consider your budget before settling on the best bitcoin mining hardware. You need to have enough money to pay off your equipment and other expenditures, such as repairs, maintenance, and electricity.

Finally, you should consider the amount of noise the bitcoin mining hardware produces. This might not be important to some people, but it’s worth mentioning. Most vendors will not indicate the amount of noise produced by the bitcoin mining hardware, but it typically ranges from 75 to 90 decibels.

The Best ASCI Miners

Dragonmint 16T

Number one on our list of best ASIC miners is the Dragonmint T16. This is relatively new bitcoin mining hardware.

Dragonmint T 16 uses SHA-256 algorithm. It draws 1480 watts and has a hashrate of 16 tetra hash per second. T 16 uses a DM8575 GHS chip that uses about 0.075 j/GHS of power. It also has an Ethernet connection and a dual fan.

Considering its hashrate, power consumption and ease of use, this is generally a good bitcoin mining hardware.

It is very profitable in large scale mining, but that’s not to say that private miners won’t benefit from it.


  • Efficient
  • Profitable
  • High hash life
  • Ease of set up
  • Easy to follow comprehensive manual
  • Efficient in power consumption
  • Made by a reputable company


  • A bit expensive
  • Restriction from ASICBoost mining pools
  • Low availability

Bitmain Antminer S9

This is one of the most popular bitcoin mining hardware.

The increased difficulty of bitcoin mining leads to reduced rewards of mining bitcoin. The awards halve every four years. The arrival of S9 changed everything as it restores the lost profitability to some extent.

Most people believe that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, but with a bitcoin miner such as Bitmain Antminer S9, you can still make a profit.


  • Profitable
  • 90-day warranty
  • Efficient
  • Among the most powerful miners in the market today.


  • Limited warranty
  • The power supply is sold separately
  • Expensive

Avalon Miner 741

Avalon is among the most refined bitcoin generators. It features a reliable open quality and an air-forming cooling technology.

One of the best features of Avalon Miner 741 is its ease of set up and convenience. All you need to get this miner started is to download the device’s firmware, plug in the controller, and connect the cables to the device’s rig.

Beginners will benefit from this bitcoin generator’s friendly user interface.

On the downside, the profitability of Avalon Miner 741 has already dropped significantly; however, if you are interested in mining cryptocurrency without making profits, this is one of the best ASIC miners.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Precise and helpful tutorials
  • Efficient


  • Noisy
  • No longer profitable
  • Lacks product community


These are the best ASIC miners you’ll find in the market today. You should, however, take extra caution when buying rigs because profitability is always changing. Some parameters you need to consider include electric power consumption and performance. Simply put, the best ASIC miner for you is the most efficient one.

Have you used any of these bitcoin mining hardware? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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