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Hosting Sites

MiningStore Colocation and Container Hosting Sites.

MiningStore has the infrastructure to professionally host any capacity of mining hardware at the most competitive prices in the industry. Get in touch to receive a custom quote based on your power requirements today!

Texas container hosting facility

MiningStore’s exclusive Texas container facility is perfect for anyone investing in large-scale Bitcoin mining with extremely competitive ASIC hosting rates. The site is over 100 acres and generates power from Natural Gas Turbines providing power expandable to 1000+ MW.  The plant is already being used as a data center and has internet on site.

MiningStore can offer a rate of $41/kW for a minimum of  200kW of S9 miners. We offer a $0.01/kWh reduction for every 300kW of additional power you add, capping out at a possible $0.049/kWh. 

Additionally, we offer a discounted rate to customers who are interested in purchasing a MiningStore BitCave and filling it with 1600 S9s, the total capacity of the container. Please call or email for specifics on the available rate. 

Ohio colocation hosting

Has up to 400 MW of ASIC and GPU hosting available. 

Two substations and two lines of power on site.

24×7 Security & Multi-level Access Control.

North Carolina Colocation Hosting

23,500 Sq. Ft
Hardened Purpose-built Facility
Diverse Incoming Utility Feeds
24×7 Security & Multi-level Access Control
Power Protection by UPS (N+2) and 1MW Backup Generator
Strict Climate Control with Liebert CRAH Units & Chilled Water Cooling
Bandwidth provided by major Tier 1 carriers
Connectivity provided by 5 diverse fiber operators
Fire Detection & Suppression Systems