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GPU Hosting

GPU hosting starts at $85/kW

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Why host your GPU hardware with MiningStore?

MiningStore offers professional-quality plug-and-play GPU cryptocurrency miners for sale. All of our GPU mining rigs are covered by an extended warranty, include customer service support, and can be shipped hosted with us or shipped to you.

Whether you are mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, or Monero, MiningStore offers hardware and full-service hosting solutions guaranteed to provide professional-level results. In addition to our high-quality hardware and professional hosting, all MiningStore customers are supported by our on-site team of experienced technicians.  


Easy Setup

Our IT professionals ensure that your machines are installed quickly and efficiently to get you mining ASAP.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring and an advanced production support ticketing system to track all requests, changes, incidents, and problems.
We have on-site technicians to provide the necessary maintenance to ensure your servers maintain the highest possible uptime.

Remote Access

You’ll have remote access via your MiningStore portal to view the overall health status of your machines.

GPU Overclocking

We overclock our customer’s machines to get you better hash rates and returns for your mining investment.

Why mine with GPus?

Graphics Cards provide the ability to mine speculative or ASIC resistant coins.

GPUs typically offer small monthly profits combined with the ability to mine an extremely large volume of coins the miner believe will increase in value over time. 

GPU mining requires some research knowledge on what coin you are mining with your rig and research into new coins that could be profitable. 

what cryptocurrencies can be mined with gpus?

GPUs offer the ability to switch between the coins you are mining and allow you to seek out new coins that you can mine at volume. A few examples of GPU minable coins that have been popular among the community are…







What gpus should you use?

There are many options when selecting what GPU to mine cryptocurrency with. The two most popular brands are Nvidia and AMD. Below are some of the go-to choices for GPU miners in 2019… 

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

The 1080 TI model is the most powerful graphics processing card for mining cryptocurrencies and has been labeled as the best GPU to mine with by many GPU miners. It is currently is the most profitable mining Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Metaverse. These cards can be quite pricy as they offer the best efficiency of any card on the market. The 1080 Ti is available in our MiningStore Maximus GPU miner

AMD RX 580 

The RX 580 is categorized as a mid-range card that lets you enter the mining game at an affordable price. It primarily mines Ethereum but can be used to mine spec coins as well. It has a clock speed that is ranked as slightly above average offering 1,750 MHz. The AMD RX 580 is available in our MiningStore Imperium Mining Rig.

Nvidia P104 Mining Card

P104-100 is effectively a 1080 with an optimized BIOS for mining operations. It uses the same 1080 Pascal GPU with 1920 CUDA cores. However, NVIDIA has decided to remove the display output function, meaning this “graphics card” is more like a dedicated mining accelerator card. The P104 is available in our MiningStore Ultron Mining Rig.



Speculation mining, or spec mining for short, is the process of mining a coin that you think will increase in value and/or has no established value, yet, as opposed to mining the currently valuable coins.

Spec mining puts the control of mining into your hands, as you get to research the most effective coin to mine, or you can utilize our spec mining analysts to examine the market and mine what we believe will be the next Bitcoin.

why mine speculative coins?

Spec mining is a way to get accumulate a large volume of coins at a very early stage and potentially reap the benefits of its long-term success.


Choose coins that aren’t necessarily profitable today, but may hold long-term value.

Benchmark your miners against every known algorithm, then compare the hash rates to the network difficulty and market cap to determine what coins are the most profitable to spec mine. 

Find newly announced coins on various forums and mine them when the network difficulty is low or non-existent, then hold for when they get listed to an exchange, and then sell.

How to mine most profitably with GPUs?

Many GPU miners turn to the software, NiceHash, in order to effortlessly mine whatever is most profitable for their cards and be paid out in Bitcoin to avoid accumulating large volumes of undesired coins. 

NiceHash can be installed manually to any GPU or ASIC hardware. It simply utilizes your hash power to mine whatever is most profitable and then pays the miner out with BTC for a 1% fee.