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BitCave Hosting

BitCave Hosting

MiningStore provides you with professional hosting services and 24/7 management for your BitCave mobile mining container.

Hosting your BitCave with MiningStore is a completely turn-key container solution; your BitCave will be custom fitted with power configuration, cooling systems, intake and exhaust, data, cabling, networking gear and more.

We’ve designed our mining container hosting to ensure maximum uptime and the highest security for your BitCave.

Along with our hosting processes, the BitCave has been strategically designed for an easy installation process that will have your mining container up and running within days of site arrival. 

Why Host With Us?

Unmatched Hosting Rates

The BitCave’s mobility allows us to quickly position your mining container adjacent to the lowest cost power sources in the world.

Simple Installation

The BitCave is truly a plug’n’mine hosting container. Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection the Bitcave starts mining instantly. 

Container Management

Your BitCave container and every server inside can be hosted, supported and maintained by MiningStore’s highly experienced staff and specialized software systems. Invest with ease while MiningStore keeps your mining container running at peak efficiency.

Unparalleled Returns

With the BitCave’s unparalleled hosting capacity, you’re able to capitalize on the markets’ remarkably low hardware and power costs to achieve unprecedented cryptocurrency mining returns.


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Advanced Mining Container

The BitCave’s innovative design is proven to maximize ventilation and server density in hot climates. Each container can have a maximum of 60,000 CFM which allows it to support up to 88 New Generation Bitmain Miners (Ex. S19)


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Power Innovation

MiningStore’s facility uses natural gas turbines that provide power at the exact voltage needed by the mining containers, avoiding costly transformers and dependencies on utility providers


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