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Turn-key Miningstore BitCave

Not just an advanced design but truly superior returns...

MiningStore’s BitCave provides an exciting opportunity to capitalize on low market conditions, a highly efficient mining container and our many years of IT hosting and mining experience to establish a large-scale, highly profitable cryptocurrency mining operation. 

The BitCave is the highest density mining container on the market, holding up to 1600 Bitmain S9 Bitcoin miners per 40ft container. This capacity means that you produce much more Bitcoin from the MiningStore BitCave than any other mining container available. 
Over the past year, the cost of cryptocurrency mining hardware has reduced by over 70%. Pairing this timely reduction with the extremely low-cost power MiningStore customers secure, there’s truly never been a better time to invest in cryptocurrency mining.

Innovative Design

The BitCave’s innovative design is proven to maximize ventilation and server density in hot climates. Each container has 320,000 CFM which allows it to support up to 1600 S9 Bitcoin miners.

Simple Installation

The BitCave is truly a plug’n’mine hosting container. Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection the Bitcave starts mining instantly. 

Container Management

Your BitCave container and every server inside can be hosted, supported and maintained by MiningStore’s highly experienced staff and specialized software systems. Invest with ease while MiningStore keeps your mining container running at peak efficiency.

Bitcave Specs


Our new POD is the latest release from Miningstore. It is designed as a versatile unit for rapid deployment in both small and large operations. Functioning on its own or in a string of up to 6 units, this new design allows for easy transportation, rapid deployment, and an overall cost effect datacenter for your crypto mining operation.

Mining Capacity

The POD is designed to be our most flexible unit yet, with more options and flexibility for miner type. Boasting 10 shelves 85 1/2” wide and 8” tall, and quick change back‐sheets on a per‐row basis. This unit supports every major ASIC manufacture, as well as GPU rigs and other servers in 4U Chassis.

Power Configuration Input Options

• Input voltage provided at 415‐380 Volts 5 Wire (3 Poles, Neutral + Ground), 240‐220 Volts Primary to Neutral
• Optional 480Y277 setup for miners accepting 277v, however, a small transformer must be installed for lights, fans, and network

Cooling System

• Each shelve is fitted with a CNC cut hot aisle containment barrier to improve the laminar flow.
• The hot aisle is complimented with either one 26,000 CFM fan, or the upgraded package with 4 x 15,000 CFM fans, that operate in various stages. The upgrade kit is generally recommended for extremely hot environments or overclocking applications.

Intake Systems

Awning based intake system for extra large filter surface area. 38% increase over standard lover design. 4” or 2” pleated MERV 4‐12
filtration system. Standard filter size of 24” x 24” x 4”. Replacements available through a variety of vendors.

Power Distribution and Units

Each POD is equipped with two PDUs. Available in both Smart and Conventional units, with 96 – C19 outlets, with a 20a breaker per outlet allowing for maximum wattage while providing maximum protection per port. Each PDU is fitted with a 350a 3 phase main breaker, tied to a common rooftop-mounted busway.

PDUs are fitted with UL489 approved branch breakers and main breaker, ensuring proper protection for all connected devices.

Automated Warm Air Ciruclation

This system will automatically take air from the hot side and recirculate it back onto the intake side of the container, helping to modulate intake temp during cold days. This system is controlled by our proprietary mining datacenter atmospheric management system.


In addition to the standard mechanical door lock, each unit can be upgraded to have a magnetic door lock, as well as exterior and internal IR smart cameras.

Smart PDUS

Our proprietary mining-centric Smart PDU boasts a variety of features geared specifically to the crypto mining industry. In addition to port by port power monitoring and switching capabilities, watchdog features can be programmed such as auto‐reboots when wattage drops below a particular level.