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What is MiningStore's Managed Mining Program?

Managed Mining Program

The Managed Mining Program (MMP) is MiningStore’s flagship service. Performed within a managed account structure, the MMP is the fastest and easiest way to generate discounted Bitcoin through mining, without the hassle of trying to do it on your own. The MMP is completely white-glove; through a simple profit-sharing structure, MiningStore is highly incentivized to run your machines like they are our own.

The program includes access to our highly advanced mining data center, low-cost and readily available mining machines, institutional custody, monthly distributions, at-cost power, and more.


A proven program developed over 5 years of operations

Aligned Incentives

We are incentivized to maximize your returns through our simple profit sharing model.

Best in Class Rates

You gain access to industry-leading prices on ASIC hardware & energy.

Reduce Volatility Risk

Start 24/7 dollar cost averaging (DCA) into a long-term bitcoin position.

Monthly Distributions

Receive mining profits each month within a jointly-managed account structure.


At MiningStore, we leverage our deep market knowledge and years of hands-on experience to help our investors generate discounted bitcoin through mining without any of the hassles of trying to do it on your own. Meet our experts.

Zac Safron

Investor Relations

Zac, a Bitcoin investor since 2015, has deep expertise and relationships in the digital currency mining industry. He’s been featured in digital asset summits across the world and has participated as a keynote speaker to discuss the institutionalization of the digital currency mining space. 

Drew Kulak

Investor Relations

Drew has been following Bitcoin and investing in the crypto space since early 2013. Having followed Miningstore’s growth over the past several years, he joined the team in an effort to help educate new investors on the unique investment opportunity that Bitcoin mining offers.

Jordan German

Investor Relations

Jordan is a lifelong learner with experience in business development and leadership. His work history spans industries including farming/ranching, rail & transportation, energy, drink beverages, and waste services. His driving force has always been a passion for people, hard work, and finding winning solutions. 

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Here at MiningStore, we are much more than just mining crypto. We are here to help you as an investor achieve your financial goals and give you the peace of mind that comes from investing in the best-performing asset of the 21st Century.

Whether you are a crypto connoisseur or you are new to the concept of crypto, our team of experts can open your eyes to the exciting prospect of being part of MiningStore’s Managed Mining Program. A meeting with our experts is only a click away.

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