The Power of Imperium: The #1 Mining Rig on the Market

Cryptocurrency has only been active for seven years, and those who have been involved in the community are looking to boost their income by doing more than just trading. Personal Etherium and ZCash Mining rigs are your next step and can do great things for your bank account. Whether you’re looking to build a rig or buy one that is pre-made, it’s hard to be sure you’ve found the best deal when there are so many options.  So what options make sense for you as a consumer?

Building Your Own Rigs

Buying parts online to build your own rig could be expensive and moves your return profit farther and farther back the more parts you buy.  If you don’t have the best graphics cards, it may not even be worth the power to run your rig at all. Furthermore, building your own rig is a hassle, finding out it isn’t working properly could mean testing each part to figure out the problem and dealing with multiple vendors to return the broken pieces, it postpones you having a finished product even longer, and still doesn’t guarantee that it will work correctly.

Buy Online

Buying a mining rig in its entirety from a vendor can be just as difficult as building a rig depending upon the vendor.  Choosing the right vendor is essential in finding the best deal, the wrong vendor could mean settling for an under qualified and overpriced product. Most of the time, the vendors don’t even have their own website, sending a couple of thousand dollars to someone selling rigs on sites like eBay, or Bonanza is belittling and hard to follow resolve issues once sold.

MiningStore 1300 a Reliable and Quality Rigs

Between its reliable guarantees, and outstanding product, MiningStore’s 1300 Watt IMPERIUM is the best rig on the market. Professionally and thoroughly built, these rigs are packed with eight graphics cards, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, two 750w power supplies, and more. Not only is there a 28-day guarantee for the entire rig and a 90-day 24-hour support team, but there is also an extended year-long warranty on each graphics card, guaranteeing your rig will be complete.

The Power of IMPERIUM

On average the IMPERIUM mining rig makes around $299 a month, depending on the market, paying off your investment in just over a year. Over 2000 units have been sold since our company’s conception in 2015, so product returns are few and far between.  There is no other rig as reliable and powerful as the IMPERIUM for such a low price.

This is displayed below, comparing Imperium’s technical capabilities to other plug-and-play options on the market.

Brand MiningStore IMPERIUM TryMining Supermicro
Price $3,700 $5,000 $3,744
Graphics Cards 8 570/580 GPU 3 overclocked GPU 1 G200eW GPU
CPU Intel CPU Intel CPU Intel CPU
RAM 4gb of DDR4 4gb of DDR3 4g of DDR3
Power Supply 2 750 watt 1 1000watt 1 1600 watt

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