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8 GPU 4U Rack Mountable Server Case


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These rack-mountable cases are great for home or datacenter use. Can be used with 8 full-size cards and are guaranteed to keep your cards operating at ideal temperatures. These cases are sold as is and accessories can be added at additional costs.


– All screws needed to mount components yourself

– Handles for case

– 8 GPU Case

– Power Button

– [Optional] 8 USB Risers

– [Optional] 3 150 CFM Fans

– [Optional] Rail Kit for Mounting


– Standard 4U 19″ rack mount chassis compatible with almost all cabs/data centers

– The case supports ATX motherboards.

– Double PSU mount with clearance for long power supplies.

– Mounting of 8 USB PCI-E risers to hold full-size video cards

– Supports 3x 120mm fans w/ clearance for 200 cfm server grade fans (3” thick fans)

– Dimensions 17.5″ W x 6.95″ H x 26″L

Interested in multiple cases?  Use the coupons below for a discount on orders!

Half Rack (5 cases) 10% discount – 10off
Full Rack (10 cases) 15% discount – 15off

Weight1040 oz

No Fans, 150 CFM Server Grade Fans


No Risers, 8 GPU Risers

Rail Kit

No Rail Kit, Rail Kit


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