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Jack Z. Sherman

Jack Z. Sherman

Advisor to the Board on Global Growth


Jack is currently a resident of the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands (BWI) in the Caribbean, but truly a global citizen with over two decades of business and social experience worldwide.

Starting his career at the age of 16 (while still attending school) by developing a software bought by a major European bank afterward.

Entrepreneurial milestones include (1) a European advertising agency with offices in Rome and Munich, (2) a transatlantic management consultancy headquartered in Chicago (USA) with offices in Munich and Rome, as well as (3) a cross-media agency headquartered in Houston with offices in São Paulo and Zurich.

Over the years, Jack has built a solid base of political, commercial and individual contacts throughout the world, not restricted to particular industries, countries or religions.


FCO Fiumicino Ltd. CEO
Innovative Multimedia Concepts, Inc. Co-Founder & CEO