Managed Mining

A secure and strategic approach to bitcoin investing. MiningStore’s Managed Mining Program (MMP) enables forward-thinking investors a way to diversify their crypto investment into revenue-generating infrastructure that provides 24/7 bitcoin accumulation. 

 Performed within a managed account structure, the Managed Mining Program enables you to generate discounted bitcoins and dollar-cost-average your way into a long-term position.

Key Benefits

Directly Aligned Incentives

Through a simple profit sharing model, MiningStore’s direct incentive is to generate the best rate-of-return for you.

At-Cost Services

MiningStore’s MMP partners enjoy at-cost mining hardware and power costs to maximize the miner’s returns

Reduce Volatility Risk

Bitcoin’s volatility is best managed with dollar-cost-averaging, a model achieved through MiningStore’s MMP

Generate Discounted Bitcoin

With MiningStore’s MMP, your cost to mine a bitcoin is approximated $12,000* calculated as of 1/21

Monthly Distributions

Investors can elect to receive their profits monthly within a jointly-managed account structure

Institutional Custody

MiningStore provides best-in-class custody through our prime broker for the mine coins.

The Process

Once you have determined your budget, our sales team will secure the machines that best suit your budget, timeline, and needs. You will receive an invoice and purchase agreement which will need to be executed and funds received before machines can be purchased.
In this industry, vendors require upfront payment in full before a machine can be locked in at a certain price. This is due to availability of machines and the ever changing machine prices.
Once the sales professional has secured your machines, they will provide you with an anticipated ETA to the site and begin the onboarding process which includes opting into text message updates, inputting your Bitcoin Wallet address into our system and setting up the internal monitoring software and custodial account for your mining proceeds.
After your machines arrive on site and are installed, you will receive a link where you are able to monitor your machines on an ongoing basis. Our onsite technicians will also monitor your machines and will do their best to keep the machines running at their full potential 24/7.
After you have been mining for a full calendar month, you will receive a monthly report which details out the revenue generated, any associated fees, and your overall profit which will be deposited into your personal BTC wallet.

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