Managed Mining

The fastest and easiest way to start mining bitcoin. We provide white-glove service and a hassle-free miner hosting program that enables you to start accumulating bitcoin 24/7 through our mining infrastructure.

The Managed Mining Program (MMP) is the best choice for investors who want to accumulate discounted bitcoin through mining without all the struggles that beginners typically face when handling ASIC hardware procurement, deployment, management, and liquidation.

Key Benefits

Aligned Incentives

We are incentivized to maximize your returns through our simple profit sharing model.

At-Cost Services

You gain access to at-cost ASIC hardware & energy to improve your bottom line.

Reduce Volatility Risk

Start 24/7 dollar cost averaging (DCA) into a long-term bitcoin position.

Generate Discounted BTC

Leverage our economies of scale to accumulate bitcoin at a steep discount.

Monthly Distributions

Receive mining profits each month within a jointly-managed account structure.

Institutional Custody

Our prime broker enables us to provide secure custody to store your mined coins.

The Process


Our team will discuss options with you and then secure the machines that best suit your budget, timeline, and operational needs. You’ll receive an invoice and purchase agreement for the hardware.


Vendors in the mining industry require full upfront payment in order to lock in order terms due to rapid changes in availability and market prices, so it’s best to execute the purchase agreement as quickly as possible.


Once the purchase is complete, our team will provide an ETA for the machines to arrive at the site and begin the onboarding process so that your account will be fully set up before mining begins.


When your machines are deployed, you’ll receive a link where you’ll be able to monitor your mining activity on an ongoing basis. Our on-site technicians will also be monitoring your machines and doing their best to keep them running optimally 24/7.


At the end of each full calendar month that you are mining, you’ll receive a monthly report which details out the revenue generated, any associated fees, and your overall profit which will be deposited into your personal BTC wallet.

More Details About Bitcoin Mining Hosting Services with MiningStore

We’ve developed the Managed Mining Program to make every stage of the bitcoin mining process easy for our clients, from purchasing mining rigs to managing the operation and even liquidating your ASIC miner inventory when the time is right.

Initial Investment and Setup

1. We’ll secure the best bitcoin mining machines to suit your needs through our established purchasing channels.

2. You’ll receive at-cost electricity from one of our highly optimized mining facilities.

3. All the costs to install and configure your bitcoin miners are covered by us, including technical labor and setting up custom bitcoin mining software.

4. Once your mining rigs are online we’ll configure them to a mining sub-account which you can access anytime.

Ongoing Management

1. Free access to our operational software to remotely monitor and manage all your ASIC miners.

2. We’ll provide up to 2 hours of technician labor per month at no cost to resolve any machine issues.

3. Operational expenses will be deducted from your mining rewards on a monthly basis and then we’ll send your BTC mining profits to your personal wallet address.

Mining Hardware Liquidation

1. You can depend on the expertise of the MiningStore team to find the opportune times to liquidate your hardware.

2. We’ll provide access to our established hardware resale channels so that it’s easy to liquidate your ASIC inventory.

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