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Biostar Solar Farm Bitcave

Biostar Renewables Container Deployment

Biostar Demand Response Deployment

In Q4 of 2018 MiningStore partnered with renewable energy leader Biostar Renewables to deploy one of our mobile mining containers to their solar farm in California. The project was a huge success and paves a way to renewable energy partnerships within the mining community.

What Is Demand Response?

Along with the profits gained from mining Bitcoin, MiningStore containers act as an “on-demand” consumer of stranded or wasted energy. The goal of this project was to optimize the energy production from the California solar farm, which was previously non-operational due to the lack of demand for power. With our BitCave container running the solar farm is producing energy at a high-level but can shut-off the miners and sell power back to the grid when it is needed.

Power & Energy

MiningStore is confident that this is the first step in a very important conversation regarding Bitcoin mining and energy optimization. Over the past year of our venture into the container business, we have found many issues within the power industry, the biggest being the over-production and under-consumption. Mining containers allow power producers to consume stranded power at scale but shut-off when the power is truly needed. We are excited to continue developing this solution and address this massive problem.