A LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER: Why we’re all-in on crypto mining

Hello! I’m JP Baric, the founder of MiningStore.

Everyone and anyone looking to take care of their money should be researching cryptocurrency at the moment, it very well might be the next evolution of money as we know it.

This guide is what I send to all of my clients who inquire about Bitcoin and the industry I play in. An investment that pays its return up to 50 times faster than real-estate is no joke, with the potential to turn a massive profit quickly depending on how you manage your portfolio.

Consider the following –

  • Cryptocurrency is here to stay

Blockchain technology and the innovation that Bitcoin was able to bring to world of finances is unprecedented. This technology is going nowhere, and as more capital and great minds enter the space, we’ll continue to see projects that push our industry forward.

  • Bitcoin is on the rise

 While there may be fluctuation from month-to-month, nobody is doubting crypto’s steady growth since Bitcoin’s 2009 launch. Just look at this chart from CoinDesk…

Bitcoin started 2017 at under $1,000. We’re still super early in BTC’s lifespan, and the growth we saw this year we’ll continue to see in the coming years. Don’t miss out while we’re still early.

  • Blockchain technology is the real deal

The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem revolves around Blockchain technology, and in-turn, activity from miners. While some might choose to treat an investment in crypto as investing in a security; investing in mining hardware is the better bet worth taking. Hardware itself maintains value while also giving you the freedom to choose which coin to mine at which time. It’s why we here at MiningStore simultaneously run a large-scale Ethereum mining farm in Washington. We’re seriously behind the idea that mining will provide us the single greatest return on investment possible.

Our faith in the concepts that I just presented is why we built our Imperium and Nexus mining rigs – we wanted to create the most efficient rigs possible for our own mining operation. And because of the inevitable demand, we’ve chosen to start offering our privately-used build to the public.

As a thanks for showing interest in what we’re doing, we’d love to offer newsletter subscribers $100 off our IMPERIUM professionally-built rig. Click here and use code “THANKS” to claim your gift.