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We help clients maximize their Mining revenue by quickly sourcing ASIC Miners from our network of reliable vendors and delivering them to your farm location or hosting them for you in one of our professional facilities.


Transparency and efficiency set us apart.

MOQ 10

All hardware deals are for a minimum of 10+ ASICs per order.

Quick Delivery

Receive your Mining Rigs in as little as 2-4 weeks after purchase date.

Always Available

Reliable access to new and used ASIC hardware in any market conditions through our network of vendors. 

Hassle-Free Shipping

All-in cost includes duties, taxes, tariffs, shipping and insurance for the full value of the machines.

Narrow down your choices based on your unique operational conditions and risk tolerance.

New ASIC Miners

For investors who are serious about running a professional Bitcoin Mining operation, these devices are likely to stay profitable for many years to come. New-generation Bitcoin Mining machines have about 5x higher hashrate than popular ASICs from just 3 years ago, making them the top choice for most medium- and large-scale Mining farms today.

Used ASIC Miners

Used Bitcoin ASICs provide an ideal balance of efficiency and affordability that can fit into practically any Mining operation without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to monetize stranded energy resources or set up Bitcoin Mining next to an intermittent power source, used ASICs can be a good solution.

Antminer S19 Pro

Bitcoin Miner

  • 110 Th

  • 3250 Watts

  • SHA-256 Algorithm

Antminer S19

Bitcoin Miner

  • 95 Th

  • 3250 Watts

  • SHA-256 Algorithm

Antminer L7

Bitcoin Miner

  • 84-88 Th

  • 3150 Watts

  • SHA-256 Algorithm

MicroBT WhatsMiner


  • 110 Th

  • 3250 Watts

  • SHA-256 Algorithm

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